Durham University Law Society is one of the oldest and most popular societies operating in Durham. As a society run by students, for students, the overarching objective of the society is to facilitate access to information regarding various issues in the legal sector. The society is broadly divided into three areas, each operating to maximise the opportunities to our members that enable the society's overall objective to be fulfilled.


With strong links with many prominent actors in the legal profession, throughout the year, various events relating to careers in the law are organized by the Law Society for its members. Ranging from Open Days to Lunches and Skills Sessions to Cocktail Evenings,and working with a vast array of professionals, organisations and operators in the legal sector, the Law Society provides numerous opportunities to meet with professionals from all areas of the legal profession in a variety of different environments thereby helping to facilitate access to the legal profession.

Social Events

The social calendar of the society includes numerous events throughout the year; providing the membership of the society with the opportunity to network with other members and legal professionals who often come to represent our sponsors at some of the best locations in the outstanding surroundings of the historic city of Durham. A number of annual events are held each year such as the Fresher's Dinner, Bar Crawl, Champagne and Chocolates Evening and Boat Cruise along the wear in the shadow in the magnificent Norman Cathedral. The highlight of the Law Society Social Calendar is the Annual Law Ball- one of the biggest society events in the University. In addition, these annual events are supplemented with various other events such as dinners and drinks receptions. 

Human Rights

The Human Rights branch of the society aims to promote prominent and pertinent human rights issuesthrough the organisation of speakers and the promulgation of information and resources on contemporary issues.

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